Workforce Scheduling Problem

This example deals with scheduling the workforce for a production plant.

In a production plant everyday a certain number of personnel is needed. Given personnel can be be hired for a minimum up to a maximum number of days in a row, requiring a minimum number of leave days before they can be employed again. The task is to find the work schedule minimizing total wages to be paid. Click here for details.

Knight's tour

The knight's tour is a mathematical problem concerning a knight on a chessboard.

The knight shall be moved on the longest possible path according to the moves allowable in chess. Click here for details.

SVG Output

The task in a travelling salesman problem is to find the shortes cyclic path through give cities visiting each city exactly once.

The model shows how to output the solution using GMPL as scalable vector graphic. Click here for details.


Big M

Conditional constraints may be expressed with a big-M approach. The example shows how to implement it with the glpk C library. Click here for details.